List of Private and Public Middle Schools in Newark, NJ. Find the right Middle School for your child.

Luis Munoz Marin Middle School
663 Broadway
Newark, NJ - 07104
(973) 268-5330 Website
Vailsburg Middle School
107 Ivy St
Newark, NJ - 07106
(973) 351-2121 Website
Marion P Thomas Charter Middle
308 S 9th St
Newark, NJ - 07103
(973) 792-0060
Camden Middle School
321 Bergen St
Newark, NJ - 07103
(973) 733-8350
Uku North Star Academy Vailsburg Middle School
24 Hazelwood Ave
Newark, NJ - 07106
(973) 286-6941
Uncommon Schools-North Star Middle School 5
72 Central Ave
Newark, NJ - 07102
(973) 854-0435
Gladys Hillman-Jones Middle School
63 Webster St
Newark, NJ - 07104
(973) 268-5100

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Choosing a Middle School

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